Life in ‘La Ville Rose’

Ever since starting university, the knowledge that I would be spending my third year living abroad has been neatly tucked away in the back of my mind. For the first half of my course, the year abroad always felt like something so far away, some kind of unreachable reality. So you could say that it feels pretty surreal that I am typing this blog post from ma petite chambre in the French city of Toulouse!

So what am I doing here for the next year? Well, as my term doesn’t actually start until October, at the moment I’m just having fun in the beautifully enduring French summer weather. But come next month, I will actually start my studies here at Université Jean Jaurès. With regards to what I am studying here, I’m still pretty clueless as I haven’t chosen my modules. All I do know, is that everything will be taught and assessed in French- a concept that both excites and petrifies me.

This is probably one of the biggest life changes I have ever faced, but ironically I feel much more prepared for it than I did for moving to university two years ago. Fortunately, being in the same city (and even the same flat) as one of my best friends, means that I have been able to largely cast aside my nervousness in favour of excitement!

I may have only been here for two weeks but my new life in Toulouse has taught me a few things so far:
  1. I am really not that good at speaking French
  2. EVERYTHING is closed on a Sunday
  3. Having roadworks outside your window means that you have no need for an alarm clock
  4. A life without mosquito repellent, is a very itchy life indeed


Those things sound negative but really I’m only joking, I can honestly say that I am loving my life here so far! Toulouse is both beautiful and exciting, and I know that I have so much more to discover (so expect many more posts all about this amazing city). The only frustration I am facing is a personal one at my inability to speak French as well as I want to. But ultimately, that is the reason that I’m here, and where the hard work comes in. I am super excited to see what this year holds for me, and where I will be at the end of it. Bon courage to any other Erasmus students out here in France!

City Lights

P.S. Check out my gallery for more pictures like this!!



14 thoughts on “Life in ‘La Ville Rose’

    1. I haven’t noticed it smelling like urine yet hahah! it’s called La Ville Rose (The Pink City) because of the colour of the bricks on it’s buildings. I can confirm it is a wonderful city!

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