Spring Awakening

The days are longer, the sun is coming through and there’s no need to leave the house with a minimum of five layers anymore…spring is in the air people! And what better way to celebrate the beginning of the season than with a little ootd? (Trick question, there is no better way.)

As most of you know, I sort of have a long term thing going on with Primark, and now that the summer clothes are coming out, I’m starting to get a bit needy…

I had been fairly good at abstaining from my regular Primark visits for the past couple of months but with the nice weather finally appearing, I felt that my wardrobe was in need of a little update, a ‘spring clean’ if you like. The second I walked into my local store and laid eyes on this blouse, I fell in love. With cute little buttons, detail on the bust and structured shoulders, it encapsulates all of the trends I have been loving at the moment on Instagram, and at a pretty price of just €15 (or even less in pounds), there was just no way I could leave it on the rail!


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With this look it was all about the little details, so I styled it with two simple gold necklaces and layered up on the gold rings. I also added a white belt to compliment the white in the rest of the outfit, and these sunnies from Primark because, as well all know, no outfit is complete without them.


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As much as my baby hair torments me, I am loving having my hair in a low, scraped back ponytail recently. I think it was the perfect look to go with this outfit and just made me feel that little bit more chic. It also allowed me to show off my new gold earrings, also from Primark, obviously.


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I matched the blouse with my go-to jeans from, you guessed it, Primark. These honestly are my favourite jeans ever. They fit so well, being not too loose and not too tight, in the famous words of Little Miss Goldilocks herself, they’re just right.

I have been seeing looks like this one everywhere at the moment and I am absolutely loving it. Jeans and a blouse is such a simple combo, yet so classy at the same time, and literally perfect for spring weather!


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Something else I have been seeing everywhere recently is the pair of square-toed heeled sandals from Zara which I absolutely adore…it’s just a shame that I don’t have a spare €55. Instead, I opted for a cheaper, and equally beautiful pair of dupes from Bersha for just €19.99!

These white beauties are the perfect heel size and height for daytime wear and I think they instantly elevate this look! The shoes go perfectly with jeans but I know they will also look great with dresses once it gets into the summer months, and would even be good for a night out if you don’t want your feet to fall off by the time you leave the bar: they really are the gift that keeps on giving.




Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


So that was my short but sweet post about my new favourite look of the moment, I have been desperate to share it with you ever since I laid eyes on it! I am unbelievably ready for the spring and summer months and I can’t wait to keep updating my wardrobe. For more ootds like this check out my instagram !

What’s your favourite spring trend? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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