Channelling Chanel with Topshop

What do we want? Chanel! How do we want it? At a tiny fraction of the retail price!!


As much as I wish I was one of those people that could afford to buy actual designer items, unfortunately I have to settle for high street dupes. But hey, when there are such pretty ones out there, why should I complain?

When it comes to classic looks, you can’t get much more classic than the Chanel tweed mini skirt. An iconic look thats been around since the 1920s, Coco Chanel’s tweed pieces are still as celebrated as ever in today’s fashion climate. Timeless as this look is, I have noticed it becoming increasingly popular this spring and I think this is only set to continue throughout summer; something I am definitely not complaining about.


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The second I came across this skirt in Topshop, I knew I had to try it on. I had previously seen a tweed skirt similar to this from Primark in a blog post, but was never able to find it in store, which was why I was so happy when I came across a whole rack full of these beauties!  As someone who generally doesn’t suit skirts with an A-line cut, I had my reservations about how it would look, but as soon as I put it on, I fell in love with it.


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At £36, ironically this skirt is something that I would usually consider as a bit pricey. But when I pitch it against the Chanel prices, my perceptions of the word expensive are somewhat different.

I love the buttons and the blue lining running along the side because I think they are such simple, yet pretty details that finish off the piece. I also love the blue and pink tones that come through the tweed, incorporating bold spring colours in a subtle way.


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T-shirt- Topshop


I feel like this skirt is such a fresh spring piece, so I wanted to style an outfit to match that vibe. I like the way the causal white t-shirt contrasts with the tailored fit of the skirt, creating a classy and chic, yet daytime appropriate look.


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Shoes- Bershka


I am all about the white accessories at the moment as you will have seen from my other posts, and I am still loving this bag and shoes combo! I think the structured shape of the bag is great to wear with a tailored item as it compliments the smart style. As far as the shoes are concerned, I’ve already raved about these heels enough times on here for you to know how much I love them. So I’ll spare you the gushing praises. All I will say is that they go perfectly with this skirt, finishing off the look in a classy way.


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Bag- Primark 


One of the main things I love about this skirt is how good quality it feels. As someone who doesn’t often like to splash out on clothes, it’s refreshing to have an item that feels expensive. With an inner lining, a strong zip and thick material, this skirt will definitely last me for summers to come!

I wore this look on my birthday both throughout the day and in the night, finding it a perfect transitioning outfit. I didn’t feel overdressed in the day time and yet it was classy enough to wear to the restaurant! What more could you want from an outfit? In general, I just feel really good in this outfit and I just know that I’m going to get a lot of wear out of the skirt over summer! It may not be Chanel, but it’s certainly chic.


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