‘By the Time I’m 21’…revisiting last year’s goals

If I told you that hearing my Spanish flatmate shout ‘GOALLLLLL’ at the tv during the Barcelona vs Liverpool match is what reminded me to do this post then you probably wouldn’t believe me…and you’d be right not to because it’s not true. Still, it’s a nice little thought isn’t it.

What really reminded me to write this post was one of my many somewhat panicky reflections upon how fast time is going. With my year abroad soon coming to an end (I’m not crying, you are), it feels as if this year has once again flown past me at tremendous speed, and so this prompted me to think about what I achieved in my first year as a twenty-something.

Back when I was first coming to the end of my second decade, I wrote a post rather aptly titled Twenty. In this little post I decided that, after realising I am technically a fully fledged adult now (emphasis on the word ‘technically’, because I sure as hell don’t feel like one), it was important to set myself some goals for my twentieth year. So here I am at the ripe old age of 21, revisiting those goals to see how they worked out.


  1. Do work experience (preferably in London)

So technically I haven’t done this one yet, however, as you will have seen from my post ‘I’ve only gone and done it…’, I will actually be doing a week of work experience with The Guardian newspaper in June!! I am very excited about this because not only is it my first journalistic work experience, but it’s with such a great paper. Oh, and it’s in London too so that’s the other box ticked!


2. Get my voice back

Growing up, I used to do so much singing and performing. School plays, musicals, concerts and all that jazz. But since going to uni this kind of took a back seat. But I’m happy to say I have definitely completed my goal of getting back into singing this year! Thanks to my wonderfully talented friend Jake (who plays guitar, piano and sings), and a little English pub we found in Toulouse called The George and Dragon, I have been able to sing again at their open mic nights: which, by the way, are SO much fun. If you’re ever in Toulouse on a Thursday night then you should definitely check it out.


3. Embrace my year abroad

I don’t really need to say much about this one because if you follow my posts then you will know that my year abroad has been absolutely amazing! I definitely feel that I have embraced it as much as I can and have done so many fun things.

One confession I have to make it that I am most definitely not fluent in French like I had anticipated I would be. I must admit I didn’t realise how hard it would be…but hey, I was young and naive then.


4. Keep writing

This is something I’m so happy I’ve managed to do! I have been dedicating a lot more time to my blog and I’ve loved watching it grow in this past year. I still have such a long way to go but the main thing is that I’m simply enjoying being able to write as much as I can…and I’m excited that some people actually want to read my posts. Hopefully my little blog can continue to grow this year!


5. Stay positive

This one fluctuates obviously, but I feel like I’ve had such a good year that staying positive has been very easy for me. We all have our down days but overall, I’d say my second decade has gotten off to a very good start and I feel so lucky that ‘staying positive’ has felt like less of an objective to try and work towards, and more of a natural state of mind.


I must say, I’m actually quite impressed with myself. It seems that my affinity for ticking things off a to-do list has spurred me on to actually pretty much complete my goals. Of course, they were only small ones, but nevertheless I’m happy that I managed it!


As for my new goals…
  1. Intern / do work experience for a glossy magazine (fashion and beauty etc).
  2. Achieve my first ever first in an essay at university.
  3. Grow my blog and my blog Instagram and get more regular blog readers.
  4. Stay dedicated at the gym to grow more muscle and gain some weight.
  5. Do some regular volunteering with the homeless community.


I’ll be back to check in with you again next year to see how I got on with these new goals, but until then, you can just wait on the edge of your seat in anticipation.


6 thoughts on “‘By the Time I’m 21’…revisiting last year’s goals

  1. Congrats on reaching your goals and good luck for reaching the new ones! 😍 It’s amazing that you can sing! I’m really bad at it (actually I never tried haha) and I’m always so impressed when I see people singing in front of other people, that’s so cool!!

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