Coconut cleansing with cheeky wipes

With sustainability rising to the top of the agenda over the past couple of years, I have noticed sustainable makeup removal becoming increasingly popular. So many bloggers on my Instagram and twitter feeds have been taking it up in an effort to ditch the wipes and the waste that’s associated with them, which of course is a great thing for the environment. Making this change has been one of those things that I kept saying I wanted to do, but I was being inevitably slow and lazy about it. But I have finally got my hands on my own little kit and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you all!




This kit is from a brand called cheeky wipes which I had never heard of until now. They produce ethical, reusable and environmentally friendly kits that replace products we usually throw away. This includes things like makeup wipes, sanitary pads and baby wipes, and they even sell ‘period pants’ for an alternative to disposable sanitary products. Their products are all designed to be completely reusable, meaning that they can all be washed in the washing machine, dried out and used again afterwards, giving you the opportunity to drastically minimise both your cosmetic and female hygiene waste.


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The product I have is the makeup remover kit, which includes reusable cotton pads, a bag to keep them in and a little pot of extra virgin natural coconut oil. First of all, I think the packaging is so cute and I love the little bag the pads come in. It has two pockets which I find really useful because I can put the dirty pads in one pocket and keep the clean ones in the other when I’m away from home. The design is really cute and it’s also on the back of the cotton pads so I think it brings it all together to make a lovely little set!


The pads are really big and I’ve found that using one pad is easily enough to take off all of my makeup, plus you get a lot in the set so you can get a lot of uses before needing to wash them! These pads are super soft and very gentle on the skin, probably much gentler than makeup remover wipes which can sometimes leave your face feeling sensitive after use.


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I had always heard about people using coconut oil to take their makeup off but I must admit I was quite sceptical. I didn’t really see how it could remove makeup easily in the same way that my micellar water or wipes do, but I was very keen to give it a go! The instructions tell you to take a lump of coconut oil in your fingers and then massage it on to your face in circular movements, including the eyes (with care). It claimed that all of your makeup, even your mascara, would simply melt off with the oil, and I couldn’t believe my mascara-smudged eyes when it did just that. I have never had any product take off my makeup so easily, quickly and thoroughly without any tugging or rubbing at my face. It was as if my makeup just instantly lifted off my skin!


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Following the coconut oil you simply wet the pad with warm water and wipe all over your face. I found that this took off all of my makeup very efficiently and all of my products pretty much glided off my face. The fibres of the pads are really good at picking up the makeup and residue on your skin and leaving it cleansed. To finish off cheeky wipes recommend a splash of cold water. I personally like to wash my face afterwards as well because I think its more thorough, and I have also been warned that using oil to take off makeup can cause breakouts, so I definitely recommend including this step.


It might feel like such a small thing but when I sit down and think about all of the makeup wipes I’ve used in my lifetime I feel slightly horrified. I am going to make the effort to use these cheeky wipes as much as possible from now on because not only is it good in terms of waste, they also take my makeup off really well! All you need to do is put them in with your next wash and they’re good to use again. It really is simple. And that’s why I’m coco-nuts about this brand (no apologies for the pun).

7 thoughts on “Coconut cleansing with cheeky wipes

    1. I was lucky enough to get this for free from an internship I was doing but on the website they’re around £24! Potentially a bit pricey but I know there are alternatives on websites like Amazon! X

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  1. It sounds like a grea brand! I’ve been using oil to remove makeup for years now and it makes such a difference! Not only it’s easier but it’s amazing how it reduces waste! I personally use Jojoba oil which doesn’t cause breakouts as much as coconut oil! 😊

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      1. So definitely try Jojoba oil, it’s also recommended for oily and acne prone skin, it actually balances the oiliness of the skin and is very light so, in my opinion, perfect for any skin type, especially if you fear breakouts! I’ve been using it for years and never had a single problem with it!

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