As I sit here writing this post in a chunky knit cardigan, watching the wind terrorise the trees in my street, I am forced to recognise that autumn is finally upon us. For some of you, this is something you will be incredibly excited about, but for me, it’s somewhat the opposite. I am not a fan of the colder weather and, despite what you may think, I’ve never had a pumpkin spiced latte in my life (and most likely never will, the whole thing sounds horrendous to me). However, in search of a silver lining to the prospect of darker evenings and rainy days, I have focused on the thing that I take most enjoyment from during the colder months: fashion obviously. 

I wanted to make a little lookbook post for you guys as I put together my transitional wardrobe ready for autumn! With my newfound appreciation for minimalist styles, I have created some autumnal looks based on the essential pieces I have in my wardrobe that are perfect for that inbetweeny do-I-need-a-jacket-or-not? phase. So without further ado, let’s get into it!



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It’s true when they say you literally cannot go wrong with a plain white shirt. That’s why I was actually furious with myself when I realised that I didn’t even own one. I mean it’s practically the first rule of a capsule wardrobe. So you best believe I headed out and purchased one that day.

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I came across this shirt when I was strolling through H&M’s basics section. I don’t always leave that part of the shop feeling particularly inspired, but I loved this shirt as soon as I saw it. Although not naturally oversized, I purchased it in a size 14, so that I could achieve the look I desired.

My favourite way to style it is using the ‘French tuck’ (aka half in, half out), with a few buttons undone. However, because the material of this shirt isn’t too stiff, it can be styled in other ways, such as tied up at the front, making it a very versatile piece!

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I loved the way a classic white shirt looks with simple blue jeans. These are my holy grail pair from Primark and I love the way they look when paired with the shirt! They make the look casual yet classy, something that can be dressed up or down very easily.

To finish off the look I added my Primark heeled sandals because, well, because I’m just in love with them. I think they suit the simple, yet classy style of this outfit perfectly!


I am usually an earring girl, but sometimes it’s nice to add something extra when you’re wearing a low cut top. I wore this pretty little shell necklace that I got a while ago from H&M and I love the way the gold looked against the crisp white of the shirt! I think this necklace adds just enough to the neckline without being overbearing.

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In conclusion, it remains true that blue jeans and a white shirt are the ultimate combination. I loved the concept of this look from the moment I thought of it, and was desperate to wear it. So much in fact, that I got changed in the Prêt a manger toilets on the way to Notting Hill. So worth it right?



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As we all know, I’m not usually one for splashing out on clothes, however sometimes you come across items that you just know are going to be one of those ‘forever pieces’, and that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this blazer in Topshop. I feel like when it comes to autumn/winter fashion, a blazer really is essential, especially during the transitional period. Not as thick as a coat, but enough to keep you warm as the temperatures first start to drop, this blazer is a stylish solution to weather-appropriate dressing.

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At first, I was in a bit of a dilemma, as I was stuck between the black and the brown blazer. In the end however, as much as I loved the black, I opted for the brown because I think it’s less corporate and more suitable for everyday wear! I always see brown blazers on instagram worn by the likes of Freya Killin and I think they just look SO stylish and cool, particularly when styled in a more casual way.

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I paired this blazer with the classic jeans and a white t-shirt combo because I love the way the colours look together and I think it’s such a typical autumnal colour palette. I also finished off with a black bumbag and my Calvin Klein trainers that I wear literally every day because they’re so comfy. I think there’s nothing better than finishing off a blazer look with some chunky trainers and a cross-body bag because it adds a casual but stylish edge to something that is usually a formal / tailored style.


I have a very strong feeling that this is about to become my go-to look for autumn. Not only is it so easy to throw together, but it’s so comfortable as well! Do you think I made the right decision choosing brown over black? Let me know in the comments below!




I suppose one of the main reasons I have for being excited about the warmer weather is that I can finally whip out these Zara trousers again! The cord material means that they’re a bit too warm to wear in summer, so I am glad to have finally dusted them off. When it comes to autumn style, I think monochrome is a big vibe. If you’ve seen my posts Sun, Sea and an LBD and A Monochromatic Summer, then you will already know that I’m rediscovering my love for the black and white side of life, and it looks like this is carrying on into the colder months.

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This satin top from Pretty Little Thing is actually one of my favourite tops in my wardrobe right now. I think its so easy to throw on, yet you look so put together when you wear it. The satin material makes it look much more stylish than your average vest, and it adds something a little extra to a basic outfit.

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I finished off the look with my Primark heeled sandals that once again go perfectly, and this adorable little bag I found in a charity shop the other day for just £1.50! Okay so it might only fit my phone it it but who cares when it looks so good?

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This look is simple yet effective. I love the mix of different textures within the outfit and I think they add a little extra to the look. This is one of those outfits that is so easy to throw on, but you feel really good when wearing it, what more could you ask for?

Phew, it seems like the transition into to autumn might not be that bad after all. Despite my cold weather woes, I am looking forward to the changing fashions that come with the seasons and the inspiration that it gives me to create new content! I am hoping that the colder months will enhance rather than inhibit my outfit choices, so stay tuned to see the other looks I am wearing over the next few months!


Which was your favourite look out of the three? Let me know in the comments below!

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