Bottomless Brunching at Gas Street Social

Nothing screams birthday celebrations like friends, food and unlimited alcohol, and nothing marries these three components together better than a good old bottomless brunch. Therefore, that’s exactly how we decided to spend the morning of my friend’s 22nd birthday. I mean, it would have been rude not to.

Choosing a brunching spot is a serious business. You want somewhere with great food, enough alcohol to quench the thirst of a big group of uni students, at a price that won’t break said students’ limited budget. Surprisingly tricky to find, but not impossible, as we soon discovered. We were recommended by a friend to try the brunch at Gas Street Social, and after looking into what they offered, it took just two words to convince us, two beautiful little words, the two words that everyone wants to hear: bottomless bellinis. 

So, the decision was swiftly made, and on the morning of the big day, we headed into central Birmingham to enjoy our boozy brunch. Gas Street Social is a lovely little restaurant / bar located just outside the Mailbox. Overlooking the canal, the bar is nestled amongst loads of other lovely places to eat and drink in a lively corner of Birmingham City centre. I had been here a few times for drinks in the evening but I was excited to see how the day time experience would match up! So the rules of the brunch are as follows: you pay £19.50 for unlimited drinks for two hours (refilled pretty much as soon as you’ve finished the first one). The unlimited drinks include bloody Marys, beer or bellinis (in either peach, strawberry or orange), so there was a wide range to choose from! Aside from this, you pay for the food you have on the menu et voilà. Simple, yet effective brunching.

I opted for more of a lunch option than a breakfast because at this point I was really hungry, so I chose a crispy duck salad, which was delicious. Accompanied of course, by a peach bellini (I think I was on my third at this point).


My friends and I enjoyed various brunch dishes from the wide choice on the menu and of course, drank our way through a lot of prosecco. I probably managed to have about eight bellinis in total, so for a cocktail that usually costs about £6 per glass, we saved a hell of a lot of money!


The decor inside Gas Street Social is a lovely and although the restaurant was very empty (it turns out that nobody else gets drunk on a Tuesday morning?), we still had a really enjoyable time. Both of our waiters were really friendly and attentive and I never had to ask for my drink to be topped up once!


Overall we had a great time brunching at Gas Street Social, and it set us up nicely for our evening celebrations (you can never just have one form of birthday celebration you know). This restaurant is a great place to come both in the daytime and in the evening, with a pretty location, lovely staff and a huge food and drinks menu! Right, whose birthday is it next then?


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