One Cardigan, Three Outfits

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a ‘one item, three outfits’ post on here. Perhaps this has something to do with the unending pressure as a blogger to constantly be wearing new outfits, or perhaps I’m just lazy. I’m sure it’s one of the two.

Anyway, as you guys know, I like to keep it real on this blog, and the reality of my wardrobe is that I’m a serial outfit repeater. But is that really a bad thing? Thinking back on it now, I can’t pinpoint why this notion became marked with negative connotations. I mean, surely we all want outfits so good that we want to wear them every day of the week right? In the real world, as in the world outside of social media, the reality for microbloggers like myself is that we aren’t getting sent clothes left right and centre, we  aren’t signing off huge brand deals or really earning any sort of income from what we do. We do it for the love of it, usually in spite of the high effort to reward ratio. This is turn means that we need to start being more creative with our looks, finding new ways to wear the same items over and over again and subtly deceive people into thinking we have a much larger wardrobe than we actually do.

As for you, my lovely followers, I don’t want there to be any deception amongst us, so I am going to aim to do more of these posts in future. If you didn’t see my first one, involving my favourite white hoodie, then you can check it out here. Otherwise, stick around for another edition of outfit-repeat-but-make-it-chic. This time, focusing on a lovely little knit from Primark…



There is nothing better in autumn/winter than a comfy, cosy, hides-all-your-comfort-eating-sins co-ord. And this, my friends, is exactly that. Although not initially a co-ord, I managed to bring my expert fashion skills together to match black…with black. Voilà, the look was born. Sometimes I wonder how I do it. 

This skirt is my second favourite thing in my wardrobe right now behind the cardigan itself. Comfy, warm and flattering on the figure, it’s such a staple piece for autumn.


Personally, I love the way these skirts look with chunky trainers (surprise surprise) and crisp white ankle socks. They dress down the skirt making it more casual for every day wear. I also matched it with a simple white top from H&M that I first featured in my Back to Basics post a while ago, and it has served me extremely well since then. If you don’t have a simple white top like this in your wardrobe, then how have you survived up until now?!


I finished off the look with my favourite chain link bag from Topshop, my favourite gold and pearl earrings from H&M and my favourite gold necklaces from Primark. I guess you could say this is one of my favourite outfits at the moment.

Overall, I want to live in this outfit right now. It gives me everything I need in terms of comfort and style without breaking the bank. Every item in this outfit has been worn, reworn, and reworn again by me multiple times, and this will probably continue for a long time. I like to use the term well loved. 

Cardigan- Primark

Skirt- Primark

Top- H&M

Bag- Topshop

Shoes- Calvin Klein




Here we are again with another all Primark outfit. I always find that so satisfying to say.

If you haven’t seen these jeans by now I’m not sure where you’ve been because I have pretty much worn them to death. But I don’t care because, *in my best Molly-Mae voice* they are categorically the best jeans I have ever bought. There, I said it. If you’re in Primark and you see the ‘vintage straight’ cut, then try them on! I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Blue denim jeans are literally one of the most important items in my entire wardrobe and this post once again proves that they can be incorporated into pretty much any outfit.


As for the cardigan, I chose to style it as an off the shoulder top in this look. I first saw this done by Sammi Maria on her Youtube and I loved it so I had to pinch her look! This is a really comfy, effortless look, but you still feel put together when wearing it. The gold necklaces accentuate the neckline and add some dainty detail which I love.


Once again I finished off the outfit with my gorgeous Topshop bag and my chunky white trainers! As you can see, I have only changed a couple of minor components from the previous look and yet I have a whole new outfit that looks completely different! This is the kind of illusion we’re aiming for guys.

Cardigan- Primark

Jeans- Primark

Bag- Topshop

Shoes- Calvin Klein



Last, but most certainly not least, I’ve opted to go down the comfort route again. These trousers have been feature a few times on my blog, styled for workwear or everyday style, so we already know how versatile they are. It seems that this cardigan and these trousers are a match made in heaven, and the comfort I feel when I’m wearing them is positively ethereal. The perfect shape, length and tightness, there really is nothing more you could want from these trousers.


This time I styled the cardigan with just one button done up in the middle, and exposing a cute little bralette underneath. I love this look because I think it adds a more delicate touch to a baggier outfit. Having the lace of the bralette peaking out gives a nice element of layer and texture to the look! Once again I adorned my neckline with my dainty gold chains and my lobes with my favourite H&M earrings! With a look like this, loading up on jewellery is essential and I think these pieces make the look so pretty.


I’m sure you know the drill by now. I finished off the look with my chunky trainers and Topshop bag, because as you can see, they just go with everything! This outfit is as comfy as wearing your pyjamas, but far too stylish to wear in bed. Once again I used the same key items to create a completely different look! I think I’m starting to get good at this now guys.

Cardigan- Primark

Bralette- Urban Outfitters

Trousers- H&M

Bag- Topshop

Shoes- Calvin Klein


So I actually managed to squeeze all that out of ONE basic black cardigan. Pretty impressive even if I do say do myself. Besides, for the sake of continuity, I only put together three outfits for this post, but in everyday life, I pretty much live in this cardigan. It’s definitely up there with one of the most versatile pieces I’ve ever owned!

Which was your favourite outfit of the three? What’s your staple item in your wardrobe? Are you an outfit repeater like me? Let me know in the comments below!

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