Feathers n Frills

When it comes to shopping at the moment, I currently base the majority of my clothing choices on the three Fs criteria: feathers, frills and fluff. If an item of clothing incorporates any of those three things, then the likelihood is that it will end up in my basket. I have a newfound obsession for ruffles and fluffy textures and I am loving being able to incorporate them into my wardrobe! I think there is just something so sassy and extra about adding a statement sleeve or a feather cuff to an item of clothing, and in 2020, we are living for this extra-ness guys.

If you saw my last post then you will know that yours truly has become a Boohoo ambassador, and for my first order as part of our partnership, I felt it was only right for me to fulfil my fluffy dreams and go into full frill mode. I mean, it would be rude not to. So, I wanted to write this blog post to do a little homage to the first pieces of my ever-growing collection of sassy statement pieces! I hope you love them as much as I do.

Top: Boohoo, Product code: FZZ84021

If I had to describe my dream top to someone, I’m pretty sure it would look something like this. I’m actually think my jaw fell open when I spotted it on the Boohoo website because I was instantly obsessed. All the comfort of a basic tee, but with all the extra-ness you could ever need, these sleeves were (obviously) the first thing that drew me to this top.

We all know that organza is having a moment right now, and the material compliments this style perfectly! The ruffles just look so delicate but so bold at the same time and I love the way the material is layered to create a fluffier effect.


This top was also available in black and in white, but I opted for this gorgeous blush pink colour (although I was very close to ordering all three). As it is such a statement piece, I love to pair it with a simple pair of jeans. I opted for black jeans in these photos but I also think a classic blue pair would look super cute!


As if this look wasn’t cute enough already, I added in this gorgeous little pink organza scrunchie that I got from Primark a while ago. This was the perfect accessory to finish off the look and I love how it just subtly brings out the pink of the top. The finer details of an outfit should never be overlooked and this scrunchie was definitely the icing on the cake for this outfit!

I can safely say that this outfit is my newfound favourite look. The top is a dream to style and a dream to wear and I have had so many compliments on it since I posted it over on my Instagram! Move over the classic tee, there’s a new kid in town.


Top: Boohoo, Product Code: RZZ99669

There’s something about wearing clothes with feather trims that makes me feel like I’m that rich auntie that treats herself to holidays multiple times a year and has pornstar martinis on tap. Anybody else? The point is, if you put a feather trim on something, it immediately becomes boujie AF and I am totally here for it.

This little beauty was actually in my Boohoo basket for quite a while, as I was very torn between buying the white one or the black. In the end however, as you can see, the black won me over. And I love it in person even more than I did on the website!


I love that the bralet feels very structured and has the panel detailing on the front of it. I feel like that makes it look so much more expensive than it is!

I paired the top with a simple pair of blue jeans for more of a daytime look, but it could so easily be dressed up and worn on a night out or for any fancy occasion. Corset tops are back and better than ever and this one is perfect for those of you who want to make a statement!


I finished off the whole look with my hair in big bouncy curls, my lovely mini bag and of course, some killer cat eye shades. Just to take the sassiness up that extra notch. I think the hair and accessories once again really complete the look and compliment the style I was going for! I feel confident, cool and cute in this outfit and I just think it’s such a great piece that I am going to be styling over and over again in the coming months. Now where’s my pornstar martini?

So, there you have your daily dose of extra all neatly packaged up into two gorgeous tops. I personally think Boohoo have really outdone themselves with these in terms of the style, fit and quality. I am so happy with both of them and I can feel my love for feathers and frills growing as we speak. If you too, are obsessed with these looks then you can use my code QUEEN69 at the checkout for 25% off the Boohoo website! So why not treat yourself this Valentine’s Day? You can live out your rich auntie dreams on a student budget, what’s not to love?

You can check out all of these looks and more over on my Instagram! Plus, you can scroll down to the form at the bottom of this page to subscribe to my blog so you never miss an update. Go on, you know you want to.


*As stated above, the items in this post were gifted to me and are part of an ongoing partnership with Boohoo*


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