Florals For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Granted, Meryl Streep (aka Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada) had a point when she uttered those famous words that title this post. Sure, florals in spring are nothing innovative. But in my opinion, why change a good thing? There’s a reason florals come back every spring, and it’s because they are such a timeless look! Now I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I am very much aware that we are still stuck in puffer coats and fluffy jumper weather, so this post might be somewhat preemptive considering the current conditions. However, I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get just a little bit sick of having to layer up every inch of my body whenever I leave the house. So I suppose in doing this post, I am willing the universe to accept my plea and warm up asap. More than anything so that I can wear this gorgeous dress that was gifted to me by Chi Chi clothing.

FullSizeRender-compressed 3

Chi Chi are currently promoting their ‘day to night’ range and I immediately fell in love with this dress when I saw it in the collection. Not only did I adore the shape and cut of it, but the floral pattern is simply gorgeous. I love the combination of the colours and I think it makes for a bright, statement piece, but it’s not too over the top or garish.



With a slit on one side, loose flowing sleeves and ruched front detailing, this dress fits like a dream! It’s one of those items that just fits well in all the right places, being tight enough on top (without being too restricting), and nice and flowy at the bottom making it perfect for the warmer weather!

When I first saw this dress I envisioned this outfit, with crisp white trainers and little white socks for more of a daytime look. However, this would also be perfect for a summer wedding, a garden party, or even a fairly casual summer day out! It’s a very versatile piece and as Chi Chi suggest, it can easily take you from day to night.

FullSizeRender-compressed 2

I love picking out the blue of the dress with this gorgeous little mini bag from Primark. I think it compliments the colours perfectly and really finishes off the look. The great thing about this dress is that because it has so many colours in it, you can experiment with lots of different, brightly coloured bags and they would all compliment the look in their own way!

I topped off the look with some super chic rectangular sunglasses from Primark. I love how they are this brownish colour rather than the conventional black, and I think they give the overall look a bit of a retro vibe. Combined with a slicked back ponytail and the focus is all about the outfit, and rightly so!


The only issue I have with this dress is that I’m desperate to show it off but I just can’t wear it yet because it’s still so cold! Otherwise, it is pretty much perfect in my opinion. I love it even more in person than I did on the website because it’s just such a flattering fit, and a style that I think would suit anyone! I can already tell this is going to be my go-to dress for spring through to summer, and I’m excited to style it up and down all during those months. Sorry Meryl, but it looks like I’m going to have to go against your advice. Because although florals may not be groundbreaking, they’re certainly going to be breaking their way into my wardrobe this spring.

What’s your go-to trend in spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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