A Big Bouncy Blowdry With Pkai

Nothing screams ‘final year dissertation crisis’ like treating yourself to something you don’t need, with money you don’t have. There’s something about having a little pamper that just makes everything else in your life feel that little bit more put together. In this case, I can actually justify my choices by the fact that my hair actually really did need cutting. As for the blow-dry and style part…well that’s just a little extra treat. I deserve it, right?

I had been going through one of my periodical ‘hair crises’ (you know the type) since, being the lazy person that I am, I hadn’t had it cut for longer than I’m willing to admit on here. Consequently, my hair was starting to resemble one of those limp and lifeless ‘before’ images you see on a hair advert. It was definitely due a refresh!

Since having my hair badly ombréd during my teens, I have been put off doing anything drastic to my look ever again. That wonky, unblended line of colour certainly gave me a newfound appreciation for my natural hair, and so, this trip to the salon was more about simply reviving my look instead of changing it too much. I had an appointment booked with the lovely style director Laura, and she listened attentively to everything I said! Then it was off for a hair wash, (you know, those really therapeutic hair washes you get at a salon) and we were ready to go!


The cut itself was super quick, as I wasn’t having that much taken off, but even with the minimum length taken off, my hair still felt much lighter and more manageable by the end! 

Then came my favourite bit, the blow-dry. I don’t know about you, but the last time I had my hair blowdried by someone else was back when I was a child sat fidgeting on the bed, waiting for my mum to release me. Like most things, back then I didn’t appreciate how relaxing having your hair dried actually is, and this was such a nice experience. As someone who is guilty of getting bored of drying their hair before it’s finished, it was really nice to have it dried section by section, and it made for such a smooth, bouncy finish! In fact, it even convinced me to go out and buy one of those big barrelled brushes straight after so that I can attempt (emphasis on the word attempt) to do it at home myself. 

Once the blow-dry was done, I had it styled into a lovely loose wave. This was the style that I envisaged when I went to the salon so I was happy with how it turned out! Now for the all-important ‘before and after’ photos…





There is such a difference between these two photos! Granted, I hadn’t brushed my hair in the first one, but still, the hair looks much healthier and actually has some of its shape back now. I didn’t have much of the length taken off as I love having long locks, but I think it’s given me that lovely refresh that I wanted and desperately needed!


Overall, I was really happy with my hair, and my experience at Pkai. Naturally, having your hair blowdried and styled is a little bit pricier than a basic cut, but since this isn’t a regular occurrence, I thought I would treat myself. I’m hoping that this will inspire me to stop being so lazy with my hair and learn to style it properly…stay tuned to see how that works out.

Pkai has three locations around Peterborough, in Hampton (Serpentine Green), town (Westgate Arcade) and Market Deeping! You can check out the salon on Instagram to see some of the gorgeous styles they offer.

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