NARS ‘Afterglow Collection’ Launch Event

One of the best things about being a blogger in a smaller city, is being able to support brands as they operate outside of London. Obviously, London is a great place to be, but as a small blogger, I am a strong supporter of amazing brands being available and promoted to people living outside of the capital. Because we all want to be able to create killer makeup looks right? That’s why I was super excited to be invited to a launch event for the new NARS concession in the John Lewis store in Peterborough!

As far as makeup brands go, you don’t get much better than NARS. I have watched endless youtube tutorials raving about their products in terms of their quality, formulas and gorgeous colours, so it was a dream to be invited to the store to have my makeup done by their senior makeup artist! The lovely Clayton Reid, who I met at the store, is not simply the senior makeup artist for NARS Peterborough like I had initially thought, he is actually the NARS senior makeup artist for the whole of the UK and Ireland! So this was major guys, and I was unbelievably excited to become his canvas for the afternoon.


This event was celebrating the launch of the new NARS Afterglow collection. Think summer glam, soft pinks and shimmery tones. This collection is my style to an absolute T and I was thrilled to be able to try it out in store!

I arrived to a gorgeously lit set up, complete with a makeup chair, ring light, and all the beautiful products in the new collection on display. It seems that the team knew the way to my heart because I was presented with a glass of prosecco upon arrival. Don’t mind if I do. 


The collection itself truly is to die for. It includes the Afterglow eyeshadow palette, which pretty much has all of my favourite shadow shades in one palette. I love to create warm makeup looks and I absolutely adore the golden and pink tones in this that are perfect for that style. Next is the Overlust Cheek Palette which contains these beautiful peachy pink tones. For blushers, I think these colours are so light and refreshing and absolutely ideal for spring makeup looks! Next we have this beautiful array of tinted lip balms. I am in love with every single colour in this collection. Not only are the balms super nourishing, but they give a gorgeous hint of colour to you lips that works perfectly by itself or layered on top of lipstick!

This is the sort of collection where you know you will use every single colour on offer. There aren’t any shades in all of these products that I don’t like or wouldn’t use, and I just think the colours encapsulate that beautiful soft summer glam style!

Clayton worked his magic on me using the gold and pink tones in the palettes that I was obsessed with and this was the result:


When I say I am obsessed, I mean, I am OBSESSED.

These colours are literally everything that I love in a makeup look. Super warm, soft, but glam at the same time. Clayton was absolutely fabulous and created a look that I thought suited me perfectly! Not only did he do an amazing job, but he also gave me some great tips along the way that I could take home and integrate into my own makeup routine. So I will be trying my hardest to recreate this look to his standard for the foreseeable future…


I had such a lovely experience at this event. Everyone was so friendly, chatty and welcoming the whole time! I absolutely loved meeting Clayton and getting his expertise on how to create the perfect makeup look. Not only this, but the collection itself is just so stunning, and it was a pleasure to be able to try it out!


After the event, I was very kindly given a goodie bag with some of the gorgeous products from the new collection in it! The bag included the beautiful palette and SIX of the lip balms, so I can recreate the looks myself at home! I wasn’t expecting to be gifted any products so this was such a bonus for me and a really lovely gesture from the brand.


Obviously, I couldn’t wait to try out my new products so the very next day I put together this cute little pink look! This type of look is perfect for spring and I already know I am going to be wearing it a lot in the upcoming months.

What really stood out to me when doing my makeup with this collection was the quality of the shades. Not only are they highly pigmented, but they are super easy to blend and apply, and all of the tones work so well together. Without a doubt, this has very quickly become my new favourite palette. As for the lip shades, I just love how this pink one looked, I’m all about a glossy lip at the moment so this is the perfect product for a soft, natural look!


I just want to finish this post by saying a huge thank you to the team at NARS Peterborough for inviting me to the event. I felt privileged and so excited to be a part of it, and it was such a lovely experience.

If you haven’t already headed to the new NARS concession in John Lewis then I definitely recommend that you take a trip soon! You can also see all of Clayton’s fabulous work over on his Instagram!

Have you tried the new Afterglow collection yet? What’s your go-to spring makeup look? let me know in the comments below!

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