My Photo Got 142k Likes?!

Reading this title, and knowing that I most definitely fall into the category of ‘micro-blogger’, you may be somewhat confused. Well, the truth is I’m still a little bit in shock myself, but this is NOT clickbait, yep, it actually happened.

As a humble little blogger with less than 2,500 followers, the last thing I expect is to be noticed by big brands and reposted on to their feed…let alone a brand that has 34 MILLION followers. This is why, last weekend, my jaw quite literally fell open at the sight of a notification from none other than the clothing giant H&M! At first I thought they had tagged me in a comment for some reason, until I clicked on it and saw little old ME right there on their Instagram feed. W.T.F.

This is the first time I have ever been reposted by a brand, and for it to be one as huge as H&M was just amazing! The original version of this photo that I posted to my feed got 467 likes, which was a very good total for me. The H&M version however, got 142,866 likes, just a slight improvement…The fact that 142k people have seen MY photo and liked my outfit just baffles me. It may sound silly to some, but this was a very proud moment for me. I work really hard on my blog and I absolutely love doing it, so to be noticed by a brand, and given exposure to people around the world feels like such an achievement! This week, I was also reposted by Boohoo on their Facebook page which is also amazing and I feel very grateful to be noticed by brands. I can only hope that more opportunities like this will come along in the future!

So, I thought it was only right that I make a little OOTD post about the outfit that got me onto the H&M page. Maybe I selfishly want to indulge in the moment a little bit longer, but either way, I am obsessed with this outfit and so I simply have to share it with you.


This H&M jumper is, without a doubt, one of my favourite pieces I’ve bought in the new year. I absolute love dogtooth pattern and this immediately caught my eye when I walked past it. Not only is the colour to die for, but the oversized fit is so comfortable and great to throw on, but it looks like you’ve made an effort at the same time!

Since buying it, I have worn it so many times. I just can’t get enough of it. Neutrals are such a staple for your wardrobe and I think this is the perfect addition that would also look great layered, or with thick, chunky gold jewellery!


I paired the jumper with these gorgeous white cord trousers from Zara that I bought last year and still love! They are such a nice fit, not restricting at all, but still give you shape, and most importantly, are super comfy!

I think white and light brown are a match made in heaven and I love the way these colours compliment each other.


I finished the look off with this lovely nude clutch bag from Boohoo as again, I think the mix of neutrals goes perfectly together. To make the look that little bit more extra, of course I added in some cat eye shades. They just make everything look sassier don’t they?

Overall I would describe this as my perfect kind of look because it is so stylish but it is so comfy. There’s nothing better than making minimal effort and achieving maximum style, and I feel like this jumper is the cheat code for that. I think this is such a great transitional outfit, and it seems that 142k of you agree with me on that one, so I’m definitely going to be wearing it many more times.

Thank you to everyone who sent me lovely messages about my photo back when I posted it, and when it got reposted. I really do appreciate all of your love, and it makes me so happy to have the support of my little community on here!

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