Back to The 70s

When it comes to my wardrobe, I am yet to dip my toe into the gorgeous glistening sea that is designer brands. Unfortunately, as much as I wish that I could, I simply can’t afford the ‘Prada or nada’ lifestyle that many influencers seem to enjoy, and I still eagerly await the day that I can finally buy myself a designer handbag. In the meantime however, nothing gives me more satisfaction than finding a really good designer dupe, for a minuscule fraction of the price. The bargain hunter within me screams with joy every time.

Recently, I stumbled upon a killer pair of Gucci shades on Instagram and my heart immediately sunk at the fact that I knew I couldn’t have them. Naturally, I checked the website anyway to see how much they cost, you know, just in case. Alas, the £335 price tag seemed a just a tad steep for my student bank account, and so I laid my Gucci fantasies to rest.

The problem was, I had already envisioned a whole outfit by this time, and said outfit kept niggling at the back of my head, calling my name. So it was time to do my favourite thing, and go on the hunt for a dupe! ASOS ended up being the first and last place I looked, because I pretty much found my perfect dupe straight away, don’t you just love it when that happens? At just £12, I found my new favourite accessory of the season, and my vision could finally come to life.

For reference, these are the Gucci pair:


And here are the ASOS dupes:


They might not be a perfect match, but the concept is still the same, and for £12, I’m definitely not complaining. I LOVE the style of these shades! The aviator shape is such a classic look and harks back to the 70s vintage style that is coming back round again right now. I think the colour of the lenses really compliments the tortoise shell of the frame and comes together for a great statement piece that adds to a simple outfit.

As for the full look that I had imagined these gorgeous shades with, it was a simple yet stunning vintage-style ensemble. The entire outfit is comprised of Boohoo clothes that I got through my partnership with them, so all the items I am wearing were gifted which I am super grateful for!


The key item of the look that I initially imagined the Gucci shades with was this amazing oversized faux leather jacket. I mean, look at it! I can’t tell you how long I have been looking for a jacket like this that hasn’t been super expensive and although this was gifted to me, at less than £30 it is super affordable. I absolutely adore the style of it, especially the oversized sleeves and the front pocket detail.

This really gives that vintage ‘wearing my Dad’s old leather jacket’ vibe that I had been looking for. I opted for a size small and as the jacket is already oversized, it made for the perfect fit!


In keeping with the ‘wearing my parents old clothes’ theme, I opted to pair the jacket with this super cool pair of split hem mom jeans. I love the washed out denim colour of them and think it really adds to the vintage look. I have also been lusting after a split hem jean for so long because I really love the baggier style and the way the hem falls around your shoes, I think it just adds something extra to the look!


I finished off the outfit with a simple white racer neck vest. I think this neckline is so flattering and looks nice with a lot of different bottoms. I also just love how the crisp white contrasts with the other colours in the outfit. Naturally, I layered some gold chains to accessorise and I think they finish off the look really nicely. I am really into gold jewellery at the moment, and layering a few chains on top of each other makes for a really nice, casual look.

This outfit is definitely one of my favourites at the moment, it’s so easy to throw on but it just looks so cool! I am really into the vintage vibe at the moment and this whole ensemble really fits that, and of course, my gorgeous Gucci dupes make for such a unique addition to the look. Who needs designer anyway?

What’s your favourite style of sunglasses? Let me know in the comments below!

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