Heavenly Haircare with Gisou

I don’t know about you, but after being in lockdown for so long, my hair has started to suffer. With visits to the salon now feeling like a distant memory and split ends growing by the day, my locks are in need of some serious TLC. Unfortunately, hairdressers are still off-limits, so it was time to take matters into my own hands, and find some professional-quality haircare that I can use at home!

If you haven’t seen these pretty little bottles floating around on your Instagram recently then where have you been? Founded by beauty influencer Negin Mirsalehi, Gisou is the haircare of the moment that has got beauty and fashion influencers from all around the globe talking. That’s why I was over the moon when I was gifted some products to try for myself!

Coming from six generations of bee keepers, Mirsalehi observed the natural, nourishing qualities of the honey that her father’s bees produced. She grew up using her mother’s unique hair oil formula derived from this honey which eventually became the inspiration for the brand and its line of luxurious products. Gisou’s website explains that the honey derived from their combs is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and condition hair naturally, as well as strengthening it against heat damage! Sounds dreamy right? I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these little bottles of liquid gold and to reap the benefits of their honey-infused goodness!

I was kindly sent two products from their gorgeous range to try out, both of which I have been using religiously over the past few weeks, and it’s safe to say I’ve fallen in love. So I wanted to do a little post to review both products, and show that they’re more than just pretty bottles, but have been helping to transform my lockdown locks!



Honey-infused Hair Oil


First up is the famous hair oil recipe that became the inspiration behind Gisou itself! I had been dying to try this product since I first saw it on Instagram, because it just looked so dreamy. Not only is the bottle super cute with a pretty little dropper, but the oil’s consistency and colour are simply heavenly!

Aside from the pretty packaging and bottle, the first thing that stood out to me about this product when I opened it was the delicious scent. A light, floral fragrance, this scent is just sweet enough without being too overpowering. The bottle says to apply 1-3 drops on to the ends of damp or dry hair. I personally use 3 drops as my hair is very thick, and I prefer to apply it to dry ends!

I rub the product between my fingers before running them through the lengths and ends of my hair and coating them in the formula. It literally takes 30 seconds in all, and doesn’t leave loads of oily residue on your hands like you would expect.

Not only does this leave your hair smelling gorgeous, but it adds an extra element of smoothness and shine that looks stunning on just-styled hair! The formula is really light, but just helps to give your locks some much-needed nourishment. I personally find that this is the perfect product to use after styling as a finishing touch, but you can also use it beforehand! Overall, I think this is such a lovely little treatment that really helps to bring out the best in your hair, maintain a lovely shine, and keep it nice and healthy!

Honey-infused Hair Perfume


I never even knew that hair perfume was a thing until I came across Gisou’s products. I’m not sure why I didn’t, because it’s such a good idea! As one of those people who (at the risk of sounding slightly strange) subconsciously smells their own hair at every opportunity after washing it in nice shampoo, one of my favourite things is having gorgeously scented locks, so the idea of hair perfume was very exciting for me!

To put it simply, this hair perfume smells AMAZING. I have never been someone who liked super strong scents as they often give me a headache, so this perfume is the perfect   balance for me. I would say it is a slightly more fragrant version of the hair oil, so the two products compliment each other perfectly! It is a light, fresh, floral and sweet scent, and when spritzed onto your hair it’s noticeable, but noticeable in a good way. Like the, wow your hair smells really good today kind of noticeable.

I have been trying to ration my products somewhat so that I don’t use them up all at once, but I must admit, I have found it almost impossible to not apply this to my hair every day because it just smells so good. The 50ml bottle is perfectly travel sized, and not to mention super cute! The golden, honey-coloured liquid perfectly compliments the pretty pink lid of the bottle, and we all love an instagrammable product don’t we?


I must admit, that when I first became interested in these products, it was largely to do with the way they looked (I’m a sucker for pretty packaging), but after using them for a while, I now realise that not only are these products gorgeous to look at, but they are gorgeous to use. I have absolutely loved adding them in to my regular haircare routine, and they really do seem to be saving my lockdown locks. I have the 50ml ‘travel size’ options of both products but I know they are both going to last me a long time, especially the hair oil as you only use a few drops at a time! So if you want to opt for the more affordable option, then these are a great choice for you. It seems that when it comes to haircare, honey is the hero ingredient, and these are the perfect little products to liven up your locks! You can check out Gisou’s Instagram here.


What are your holy grail haircare products? Let me know in the comments below!

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