5 British Black-Owned Brands I’m Obsessed With Right Now

Following the recent post I wrote sharing some of my favourite black-owned brands, I wanted to write another one, but this time focusing specifically on some of my faves from the UK! During this time that I have been spending diversifying my Instagram feed, I have also been taking some time to research and discover the work of some amazing black creatives, and I have fallen in love with so many brands. From runway fashion, all the way to little independent boutiques, these brands have absolutely stunning designs that only further show the creative flare of black designers and entrepreneurs.

The fashion that we know and love today simply wouldn’t be the same without the influence of black culture and creatives, and the brands I have discovered continue to produce innovative, unique designs. This time, I focused my research on smaller, British brands that are up and coming in the fashion industry. If you don’t know about these brands yet, then you need to get to know.

1. Lapp the Brand


When I first came across Lapp the Brand, I was immediately drawn to their designs based on their vibrant imagery. I mean, how cool is that photo?!

Created by model Leomie Anderson, Lapp stands for ‘Leomie Anderson the Project the Purpose’. Inspired by her outspoken stance on women’s issues, the brand not only creates clothes for the 21st century girl, but speaks out about the struggles that they face with poignant articles written in the brand’s magazine. Lapp produces stylish, vibrant and unique sportswear pieces that compliment the female figure. Their collection merges functionality with fashion to create pieces that go beyond your typical sports bra and leggings, with cool corset designs, cutout tops and zip up sports bras, Lapp puts the ‘werk’ in workout.

One of the main reasons I love this brand is because of its strong position on issues such as sexism and racism. Lapp doesn’t just focus on its clothes, but on the people who are wearing them, and it prides itself on being a brand with a strong message to share with the world. You can read their thought provoking articles here.


2. Sincerely Nude

One of the big things we have all been learning about during these past few weeks, is what it means to have ‘white privilege’. As misunderstood as this term often is, what it boils down to, is the fact that whilst white people may not have a ‘privileged’ life per se, they do not, and never have faced discrimination as a result of their skin colour. This privilege manifests in many different ways, even when it comes to basic things such as clothing. As a white person, when was the last time you had to worry about ‘skin-coloured’ tights matching your complexion? Or a plaster being too noticeable? The answer is most likely never. This is where we see these privileges come into play in everyday situations.

This became the inspiration behind Michelle Asare’s brand Sincerely Nude. After realising her frustration at never being able to find nude clothing in her skin tone, Asare wanted to create a brand that enabled women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, no matter what shade or size they are. Sincerely Nude features figure flattering, elegant designs in a range of different nudes to compliment a variety of skin tones! With a focus on body positivity and female empowerment, this is a brand that supports confident, powerful women.


3. Kilentar

Founded by Michelle Adepoju, Kilentar is a brand based in both London and Nigeria, heavily influence by her Yoruba ancestry. Adepoju started out selling clothes that she had thrifted, but her creative flare often inspired her to embellish and alter the pieces she had bought for herself, and soon enough Kilentar was born.

The brand creates unique, handmade pieces that are not only limited edition, but are ethically produced. With a penchant for puff sleeves, frills, and ruched detailing, Kilentar creates beautiful pieces that are bold, detailed and that compliment the female figure. I absolutely adore the structured style of their pieces, and the sleeves are such a statement. My personal favourite has to be the Osaro top in the photo above, I mean how stunning is it?

4. Kloset Code


An up and coming brand, Kloset Code was established recently in January 2020 and is a London based brand that produces premium quality clothing, at an affordable price! Aimed at the confident, sexy woman, Kloset Code features classy, yet comfortable designs that emphasise curves for women of all sizes.

This brand reminds me of a more affordable version of House of CB. The mesh sleeve bodysuits are such a pretty staple and I also love their corset skirt design that is so popular right now. I adore detailed, structured pieces and I think this is such a flattering style. If you want the luxurious look without the matching price tag, then Kloset Code could be your new fave shopping destination!

4. Sio Studio

Last but not least, Sio Studio is an independent boutique on Depop selling handmade, vintage and reworked garments. Its signature denim style captured my attention immediately because I just thought their pieces were so unique and interesting! From corset tops, to acid wash jeans, the pieces in their collection are such a vibe! 

Denim has been done, done, and done again, but Sio Studio has transformed the traditional style into something completely new. I absolutely love the structured pieces in their shop, and the patchwork detailing is one of my favourite emerging trends right now! Sio Studio creates pieces for women who are confident and creative with their style. If you have a passion for sustainable fashion, and a love for supporting small businesses, then Sio Studio is the perfect boutique for you!


And so we have reached the end of my list! Each of these brands has a different style, but I love them all in their own way. Some of the most unique, fashion forward brands I have come across are black-owned, and I think it’s great to be able to support businesses that are built on our home soil! Which brand was your favourite? Let me know in the comments down below!


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