Fashion Faves: Gingham

Okay, okay, so I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a post here on my blog. It appears that the high of getting my university results coupled with having no responsibilities during a global pandemic has left me rather demotivated.

Nonetheless, after taking a little break from my beloved blog, I am back with another fashion faves post! As we all know, I am extremely susceptible to falling fast and hard for certain prints or patterns. I blink, and then all of a sudden my wardrobe is full of items featuring my latest print obsession…oops. This months love affair is with an all time classic: gingham. Like a distant cousin of houndstooth, this pattern has periodically entered my wardrobe over the years, but I feel like I never committed to the style until recently. Over the last couple of months, I seem to have acquired quite a collection of my new favourite pattern, so I thought I’d do a little #ootd post to show you how I style my gingham pieces!

*disclaimer: selected items in this post were gifted to me as part of ongoing partnerships and collaborations*

Lilac Loving


It is another well-known fact about me that I am partial to pastel colours. I’m not sure if its just something about the summer weather, but I am obsessed with these tones! I think colour is such a great thing to incorporate into an outfit, and let’s face it, life’s too short to wear black all the time.

So when I came across these gorgeous lilac leggings from Boohoo, I was drawn to them straight away. When it comes to trousers, I feel like my wardrobe has joggers or jeans, but nothing in-between. Which often leaves me in that annoying ‘I don’t know what to wear’ dilemma. I have been in desperate need of some comfortable bottoms that aren’t quite as lazy as joggers, and these leggings are one of those items that I didn’t realise just how much I needed until I got them (and proceeded to wear them practically every day since).


I envisioned this look when I was browsing on the website, and I love how it turned out. I thought the pink and lilac tones would compliment each other perfectly and I was so happy when the outfit came together!

A baggy jumper and leggings is such a staple, if not boring outfit, but by incorporating the gingham pattern and pastel tones, it instantly elevates the look!


I finished off the look with accessories that accented the colours of the outfit. These super cool purple sunglasses matched the leggings perfectly and give such a cool vibe to the look. Of course, I had to incorporate my favourite ever shoes, and the pink monogram subtly highlights the blush pink of the jumper and helps to pull the whole look together!

Overall this is one of my favourite looks of the moment, demonstrated by the amount of times I have worn it (there’s no shame in being an outfit repeater guys). When I buy an outfit, the two main things I look for are comfort and style, and this look combines the two perfectly!

Dorothy Dreaming


Okay, so I didn’t have any red shoes, BUT this outfit still reminds me of the classic Dorothy look. Back when the UK was having a somewhat short-lived heatwave, this dress from Zaful was perfect for a cute daytime look that could equally be dressed up for the evening!


I absolutely love the style of this dress! The little puff sleeves, along with the ruched neckline and button up detailing makes for such a flattering fit. The dress can be worn on or off the shoulder depending on how you like to style it!

When it comes to gingham, you can’t get more classic than this baby blue style. And whilst it kinda reminds me of my old school dress, I’d like to think this is the cooler, more grown up version. So primary school…but make it fashion, right?


This was one of my favourite recent photoshoots and I love how the whole look came together! I paired the dress with my trusty trainers, but it would also look great with some sandals with a little heel. All in all, I love this piece, and as soon as the sun comes back, I’ll be wearing it again!


Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Green Gingham Bikini


You’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit that you sang the title in your head.

Another Zaful piece here, this green gingham bikini is an absolutely stunning summer staple. Zaful is known for its swimwear because it is inexpensive, but generally very good quality, and this bikini was no exception!


I love the fit of this bikini because I think the top is a really flattering shape. I am usually not a fan of underwired bikinis but I find this one really comfortable and I prefer the cup shape to the traditional triangle.

It has adjustable straps on the top and the bottoms also tie at the side so you can make them tighter or looser until they are comfortable for you! This also means you can control how high leg they are, and make them fit your personal style.


I think the quality of this bikini is really good and it is a thick material with a supportive structure! I absolutely adore the green colour and think it looks super cool with the denim bucket hat, giving the look a sort of 90s feel to it.


Golf Le Fleur

FullSizeRender-compressed 10

Why wear your own clothes when you can wear your boyfriend’s instead? This is a question I often ask myself when I spot a cute oversized jumper in his wardrobe. I must admit, I’ve had my eye on this one for a long time…

Like I said before, I really have been wearing these purple leggings nearly every day, so I wanted to find another way to style them up, and it finally gave me an excuse to wear this hoodie.

I just love the vibrant colours of this look, and I think the two items compliment each other well. It’s a bold look, but not too garish and I think it comes together for a casual but funky vibe. Chuck on a pair of trainers and this is another really cool take on the classic ‘leggings and a hoodie’ look, but much more stylish!


Someone told me that this outfit reminds them of Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents, and it honestly unlocked a memory that I forgot I even had! If you ever watched that show, then you know exactly what that follower means, and they are totally right!

Well, it looks like this jumper now has a permanent spot in my own wardrobe now…I’m sure my boyfriend will understand.


And that marks the end of this very belated Fashion Faves post! Which look was your fave? Let me know in the comments below.

I am sorry for being so off-schedule recently, but I feel like we all need to take a bit of a break now and then, and I’m trying my best to get back into it! However, I do have some exciting news…not only can you catch me on Instagram, but I now have my own YouTube Channel! I will be posting lots of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and blogging tips on there, so make sure to subscribe and check out my videos, I would really appreciate the support!

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