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It’s safe to say that lockdown has had us all slipping back into some bad habits. When it comes to snacking, being stuck at home all day certainly encourages you to reach for the sweet treats cupboard. A few biscuits here, a bit of cake there, and before you know it you’ve practically consumed an entire bakery. However, now that life is (slowly but surely) becoming more normal, many of us are trying to break off our whirlwind romance with the biscuit tin, and kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

If there’s one trend that has swept the food, health and wellbeing market over the last decade, its the growing obsession with plant power. Vegetarianism, veganism and plant-based diets are increasingly becoming the norm within our society, and with more choice of snacks than ever before, these diets are now accessible to a huge amount of people.

I have dabbled in what I like to call ‘flexitarianism’, and have certainly tried to reduce my meat intake, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve given much thought to plant-based snacks until now. Which is why I was intrigued when I was contacted by the team over at Erbology to review some of their range. If you haven’t heard of them before, they are a company that specialises in plant-based snacks, drinks, oils, powders and more! Alongside their funky name, they have some funky products to match, featuring health-conscious ingredients such as aloe vera, milk thistle, ginger and many more.

Erbology kindly sent me a box of two of their classic products to try out for myself. I was unsure what they were going to send me so I was intrigued to see the contents of my parcel! Upon arrival, I discovered 12 bottles of their organic Aloe Vera shots, and three packs of their mini Granola packs. 

We’ve all heard of the ‘apple cider vinegar shot’ craze sweeping the insta and blogging scene, but I must admit, the thought of having a shot of vinegar in the morning makes me feel pretty nauseous. I’ve always been somewhat averse to the ‘health shots’ craze because usually it entails drinking some form of gross-tasting liquid and spending the next few minutes trying to keep said liquid down. Despite being somewhat alarmed by the bright green bottles, I was pleased to discover that rather than being some sort of foul concoction, instead these shots are simply fresh tasting with a slightly tangy edge (NOT comparable to downing a load of vinegar).

I drank my first shot neat, but you could also mix it with water or juice, or pour them into smoothies. Erbology even have their own pomegranate, orange and Aloe Vera cocktail recipe on their website! Rather than adding lots of different complicated ingredients, Erbology like to strip things back, which is why this Aloe Vera drink is composed of 99.8% Aloe Vera inner leaf. Simply put, Erbology’s products are exactly what they claim to be, no funny business.

What are the benefits?

Aloe Vera products are all about keeping your body balanced, hydrated and nourished. Acemannan polysaccharide (derived from Aloe Vera) has positive effects not only for the immune system, but for the digestive system, as it is shown to aid the absorption of minerals, water and nutrients. In other words, think of this as a maintenance drink, keeping all your cogs oiled and your bolts tightened. Adding a shot of Aloe Vera into your daily routine won’t promote any drastic changes, but it will give you a cleansing boost, and support healthy functioning!

Now on to the second product I was sent. Erbology has a large range of different Tigernut granolas on their website, and I received their nopal cactus with chia selection. This is a multi-purpose granola that can be eaten in lots of different ways! You can either snack on the little chunks themselves, or Erbology recommend that you mix them with milk or yoghurt for a healthy, balanced snack at any time of the day.

Not only is this granola vegan and gluten free, but it’s also organic and contains no added sugar! As I said before, Erbology are keeping it super simple with this product, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

What are the benefits?

This sweet little snack is packed with magnesium, iron and fibre (basically all the good stuff), which supports all your healthy bodily functions. Tigernuts, which act as the key ingredient, are great for energising the good bacteria in your gut, so just like the Aloe Vera shot, this stuff also helps out your digestive system! Once again, this snack won’t pose any radical changes, but it will give you a healthy alternative to the sweet treats cupboard, and help to keep your body happy along the way!

It can be difficult at times to come across a health and wellbeing company that doesn’t attempt to sell you ‘magic’ cleansing plans or quick fix products (which often contain somewhat questionable ingredients). Erbology provides a refreshing take on the clean eating industry. If you want stripped back, tasty, and health-conscious snacks without all the funny business, then Erbology is just the place for you! I sampled just two products from their extensive range, but there are many more available on their website.They also recommend lots of gorgeous plant-based recipes both on their site and over on their Instagram, so if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration, then this is the perfect place to turn.

Thank you to Erbology for kindly sponsoring this post and sending me some of your products!

Do you take part in the health shots craze? Do you think its worth it, or simply a fad? Let me know your thoughts below!

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